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Table Management Table Management
Create a total solution for managing service, waiting lists and reservations with a quick-glance of your entire seating area. Eliminate customer wait, increase turn-over and get hungry diners seated fast.
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Employee Time Management Employee Time Management
Interactively manage employees time efficiently & reduce payroll to improve your bottom line. Call us today for a free demo.
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Keep your business open 24x7 by allowing customers to take advantage of the growing trend to order online with the ability to place advance and generate additional orders and revenue- all without adding labor costs. Let us show you how to impact sales and revenue in off-peak hours. Call us today for a free demo.
Inventory Control Inventory Control
Reap the rewards of more time and more profit with an inventory tool that allows you to manage food and beverage costs, order online and analyze menus to increase profitability. Call us today for a free demo.