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We offer quality products from Dell computers, and Epson printers

Mobile Solutions Mobile Solutions
Stay on the cutting edge of technology by utilizing handheld mobile devices for ordering, processing credit cards, reporting and so much more! Be virtually everywhere in real-time to improve your operations.
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Pay at the Table Pay at the table
Ensure security by letting customers pay without losing sight of their credit card. Protect against identity theft and cut down on the time it takes to get checks paid.
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Guest and Server Pagers Guest & Server Pagers
Serve guests faster, increase table turns and reduce walk-aways with long range pager systems.
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Kitchen Video Kitchen Video
Optimize the most critical component of your restaurant — the kitchen, by improving order accuracy, reducing waste, increasing operational efficiency and enhancing quality.
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Video Surveillance Video Surveillance Integration
Keep your eye on both your bottom line and the security of your restaurant by maintaining live and recorded transaction video.
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