General FAQ

Can a POS System actually make me more money?

Believe it or not the proper point of sale system can increase your profits. Our systems are engineered to help you manage check outs faster, control costs and increase repeat customers, and that all adds up to higher profits. Contact us today to find out more and receive a free demonstration and needs analysis.

Is a POS System easy to use?

Yes. Our POS systems are built for intuitive interaction. The touch screen technology has been engineered for the least amount of user friendly steps. Its screens can be customized to increase recognition and reduce training time. Contact us or call today for free demonstration and let us show you how!.

What type of reports can I get from a POS System?

Our systems have the most comprehensive reporting available with filter options for customization. Contact us or call today for free demonstration.

Is the POS System PCI DSS Compliant?

Yes. Our POS Systems pass rigorous tests for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

What are some of the features I can add-on to my system?

Our POS Systems have numerous features to enhance your exsisting infrastructure, including Reservation/Waitlist, Table Management, Enhanced Inventory Control, Delivery, Enhanced Labor & Scheduling, and much more. Contact us to find out which features you can benefit most from

Will my POS System create automatic back-ups?

Yes. Our POS Systems are programmed for your piece of mind and with daily Auto Backup. You may also choose to have a backup created on a separate form of drive (such as CD, External Hard Drive, or USB Flash Drive) for added security. Contact us to find out how you can benefit from added security.

What kind of Warranty will I get with my POS Systems?

We offer many warranty options with some from 1-3 years and can extend warranties to fit your needs. Contact us or call today to learn more about warranty options.

How can I make sure my point of sale system stays up to date?

With T3 software upgrades and hardware maintenance are always available. We provide the convenience of notifying sites when upgrades are available, and perform all maintenance and upgrade installations when it's convenient for you. So your day to day operations go uninterrupted.

What kind of support will I get with my POS system?

Yes. Our systems are worry free with 24/7/365 support. Problems are handled quickly any day or anytime. Contact us to ask about our 5-Star customer services.

Can I integrate additional software with my POS system?

Yes. We can help you with integrating your Accounting, Payroll, Inventory, and other software. Contact us to find out about your integrations options.

If you have a question you don't see listed here then contact us.