Restaurant Manager

When do I need to Open a New Session?

You will want to open a session prior to ringing the first sale of the day. For reporting purposes, it typically best to open the session the same calendar day.

If your system is configured with Cashier Banking, you will want to initialize a cash tray at the beginning of each shift within a session. You will be prompted to initialize the Cash Tray(s) prior to ringing the first order of a shift if you fail to initialize a cash tray.

NOTE: Because a single sales session may include many cashier shifts, you can close cash trays and open new ones as many times as you wish during a single sales session.

Can my Employees clock-in if my New Session has NOT been started?

Employee clock-in is the one POS operation that may be executed regardless of whether Employees must clock-in at a POS Status Screen before they can process orders. To ensure accurate timekeeping, employees can log on and off at any time (regardless of whether or not a Sales Session has been opened.) If you have created Employee Work Schedules, however, a manager's password is required when an employee attempts to log on (or off) when his or her name is not on the schedule.

If your system is configured with Enhanced Password Control, employees must swipe an Employee ID card to log onto the system.

What are the steps in creating a "Sale/Order" in my POS System?

Table Service Mode - To open an order from the Table Service Status Screen, touch the appropriate table button. Restaurant Manager will prompt for the employee number and the number of customers sitting at the table and then display the Order Entry Screen.

Bar Tabs Mode - To open an order from the Bar Tabs Status Screen, simply touch the [NEWTAB] button. Restaurant Manager will prompt you to type in text that identifies the order and then display the Order Entry Screen. If you wish to simply number the orders in sequence, you can hit [ESC] instead of typing in a reference.

Each sales transaction follows a cycle of its own:

  • OPEN an order
  • ADD the menu items requested by the customer(s)
  • SEND the order to printers in the Food Preparation Areas
  • ADD any additional items and send them to the kitchen printers, as well
  • APPLY appropriate discounts, coupons, gratuities, etc.
  • PRINT the guest check
  • ADJUST or SPLIT the check when necessary
  • SETTLE the check…and process credit card authorizations, if appropriate

What steps must be done before I can Close My Session?

Before you can close a Sales Session, all employees must log off the system and all Cash Trays must be closed. If your system is configured to track Bank Deposit amounts, the system prompts for these amounts before the session is closed. If your system is configured with on-line credit card authorization or inventory control (described in a separate manual) a batch operation may also be processed automatically as the session is closed.

How Do I Change The Quantity of an Item I am Ordering?

By default, Restaurant Manager assumes that the desired quantity is 1. If you want to order 2 or more of a given item, you must specify the quantity BEFORE you order the item. Press [MISC] from the Order Entry screen, and select the "QUANTITY" option. Restaurant Manager displays several quantity selections. Simply press the appropriate quantity button.

To change the quantity to 21 or more, press the [Other] button. A numeric keypad is displayed on screen allowing you to enter a quantity up to 99.

Another method to increase menu item quantities is to enable and use the Qty +/- above the Order Detail Area. Once an item has been placed on the Order Detail Area, you can tag (highlight) the item and press the qty +/- buttons. The buttons will only increment quantities by one. You can enable "auto-tag last item" in Station Configuration to expedite the process.

How Do I Delete an Item on the Order Screen?

To delete one or more items from the order on screen, tag (highlight) the items you wish to delete and then press the [DELETE] button at the base of the Order Entry Screen.

If the item has already been sent to the prep area printers or if the check has already been printed, Restaurant Manager will request the manager password before deleting the item and allow you to tag the deletion with a pre-defined deletion code.

How Do I Discount an Item?

Restaurant Manager POS allows you to selectively apply a discount to one or more items on an order. On Restaurant Manager, you are not allowed to discount items that are not enabled for the discount. For example, if you define a beverage discount that applies to beverages only, then you are not allowed to apply the discount to non-beverage items.

Accessing Item Discounts at the POS
To perform item discounts, just tag item(s) from the Order Detail Area, press the [Item Discount] and then select the discount option you want.

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